Buildxact has a built in cache (memory) which saves section by section.There is no time based autosave, (meaning it doesn't save every 3 minutes like previous versions). 

Instead, each section (e.g. like customer details or the takeoffs list) has an edit button (image) and save/cancel buttons (image). When you're done working on a section hit the save button. We've designed Buildxact to do it this way so it saves smaller pieces of info rather than whole estimates/jobs. This speeds it up the whole process.

Note there are a couple of shortcuts that will do the same thing as clicking the save button, eg: clicking a cost category as "Completed will save it and complete it. Another eg: if you click between the tabs at the top of the project (Details>Plans and Takeoffs etc) it will save the screen you were working on.

You'll know it's saved because it will show the save confirmation (image) on the bottom right of the screen. They will say different things depending on what you've saved.

This information is saved to your computer and then uploaded to Microsoft Azure, who take care of all our data hosting. In the event that you lose or damage your computer, all you need to do is find a computer with an internet connection (or an internet cafe), log in using your username and password, follow the prompts and you will be up and running again. Buildxact also works on tablets and mobiles.