Specifications cannot be imported to Buildxact. There are several ways to streamline the use of them.

  • Creating a template estimate
  • Using the "preset" button
  • Using the "S" button

Creating a template estimate

You can set up the specifications in the template estimate. See related article here on how to set up templates: https://buildxact.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/24000031039-3-ways-to-create-a-template

Using the Preset button

In an estimate, once you have set up your specifications, you can choose to save these as a "preset". This specification preset is then available to use in any further estimates.

In the "Specifications" tab, click the cog icon in the far right. From the menu choose ''Save as preset'' and name it, and save it. This will save it in the database, and to use it in future, click the cog in any estimate and ''Apply'' a set of specifications you have previously saved.

Using the "S" button

If you want to use the description of any item as a specification you can do this by selecting the button in the ''Costings'' section. This item will now be listed in the ''Specifications'' screen.