At any time during the estimating process you can enter the associated job without locking down the quote, to enable you to work on both at the same time e.g. while still adding costs etc in the estimate, you can also start the scheduling, purchase ordering and customer invoicing in the job.

This is also referred to as a ''negotiating'' stage.

You do this by:

In the Estimate click on ''Create Job'' tab

In the job screen there is a message "Estimate has not been accepted". 

Do not click the message to accept the estimate if the contract has not been signed but you wish to start working in the job.

Note: In this "negotiating" stage

  • Changes to the estimate will flow into the job. eg:  contract total amount changes, and items added or removed from the estimate will flow through to the job costing and actual section.
  • Variations are not available, because the estimate has not been accepted so there is no contract yet to variate from.

Once the client accepts the estimate, click on the "click here to accept the estimate'' message in the job. This then locks down the estimate prices, and the estimate can not be amended anymore, and you will work solely on the job.

Note: You can change the locked job back to an estimate, keeping mind any changes to that unlocked estimate will flow through to the job, which may be a problem as the new total will not match the signed contract.

To change the estimate back, click on the status drop down in the estimate, and choose any status above ''Accepted".

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